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  Center for Empirical Research in the Law

The Center for Empirical Research in Law has two core missions.

The first is to promote and support research relating to law and legal institutions. We help faculty and students to identify, apply for, and manage grants; provide seed grants for projects with strong potential to attract external support; connect researchers with experts so that they can produce high quality studies; train professors, lawyers, and students in research design and statistical methods; and create tools to help researchers gather, analyze, and disseminate data and other information.

The second is to design products that enhance research and teaching about the law and legal institutions. We create technological tools such as software, databases, and apps that boost productivity, enhance communications, streamline and manage research efforts and promote the creation and dissemination of knowledge. Although the tools often address particular problems, the solutions may be generalizable and so have the potential for commercialization.
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CERL Graduate Student Associate hired by Saint Louis University

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The Workshop on Empirical Research in the Law (WERL) is a group of WashU legal and social science scholars who work together to enhance group members' use of empirical methods in legal studies and of legal materials in social science work.
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